The Lost Voices · Sharing our inequality stories · March-June 2021

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The Lost Voices - Story Collection

Sarah's story (Youtube)

Shaakir's story (Youtube)

An anonymous story (Youtube)

We are collecting stories from early career researchers about the inequalities and barriers they have faced and are facing. We want to share them as part of the ongoing conversation around research culture, in order to contribute to the changes that need to be made. If you are or have been a PhD student, research assistant or postdoc, or in a similar post, and you have a story to share, we would love to hear it, by video, audio, or in our story box below.

If you would like to know more about The Lost Voices and our project, please click here or on the relevant links in the side bar. A summary video of the main initiative can be seen above the collected stories.

By clicking on "Add story", you give your consent for your story to be added to this site.

Please note that this is an anonymous form. Please don't add your name or anyone else's. No information is collected other than what you type into the box, your IP address, and the time the "Add story" button was clicked, and nothing will be displayed except your story.

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